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Experience and enjoy the uniqueness of the Faroe Islands.

Let us taylor - make your tour and book you the right and suitable accommodation, while you explore the islands, or just relax in complete tranquillity. Please book your excursions in advance together with the rest of your holiday/conference package. Usually excursions are in Nordic and English languages. Other languages by request. Changes and/or cancellations may occur because of conditions we cannot control. We recommend being dressed according to the weather, because it can change rapidly. - No excursions are run out of Tórshavn on July 28th and 29th due to the Faroe Islands national celebration.

Monday 10:00-13:00


Tórshavn is the world’s smallest Capital, beautifully situated at the foot of the surrounding mountains with a panoramic view of the island of Nólsoy. The town was founded in 825 AD and named after the Nordic god Thor. Concerts, theatre and exhibitions of all kinds of art are a natural part of the townscape as well as the old part of town, Reyn, with its small houses, narrow streets, grass roofs and Tinganes' beautiful red buildings.

Adult: DKK 495,00  /  Child: DKK 250,00


Wednesday 08:30-19:00

Mykines - the bird islands

Daytrip to the westernmost island of Mykines, also called bird paradise, as the island has a rich bird life. See among others the impressive bird Gannet who is the king among the Faroese birds, and only breeds on Mykinesholm. Get close to puffins, the charming little birds with the colorful beaks. The tour is guided on the bus til we reach the ferry at Sørvágur.

Adult: DKK 950,00  /  Child: DKK 550,00


Tuesday 08:00-17:00

Northern Islands

A whole day excursion to the Northern Islands. An opportunity to experience several islands and underwater tunnel passage to Klaksvík. On this excursion you'll have a great view of the islands Fugloy, Svínoy, Borðoy and Kunoy. Along the road we visit a Viking Settlement in Leirvík, Christians Church in Klaksvík and wool shop.

Adult: DKK 950,00  /  Child: DKK 480,00


Wednesday 11:00-17:00

Guided tour of Mykines

This is a guided tour of The bird island of Mykines. New rules and regulations by the local community, require all vistors to be guided by a certified tour guide. We have teamed up with a local guide who will welcome you at the harbor. This package does not include ferry, please make sure to reserve your ferry ticket at www.ssl.fo prior to booking this tour.

Adult: DKK 490,00  /  Child: DKK 245,00


Wednesday 08:30-12:30

Visit Vágoy

Via the mountain road to Norðadalsskarð where the view over the island of Koltur is extraordinary. Further on to Leynar via the Kollafjarðadal to the new tunnel under the Vestmanna strait. The 4,9 km long tunnel leads to the island of Vágoy where we visit the villages of Sandavág, Miðvág and Sørvág. A stop at the airport, before we head on to the village of Bø and towards Gásadal, you have a magnificent view over Tindhólm and Mykines.

Adult: DKK 600,00  /   Child: DKK 300,00


Wednesday 08:30-12:30

Vestmanna the bird cliffs

Via the mountain road to Vestmanna where the excursion boat awaits. The boat sails along the cliff wall, into a narrow strait and into some of the many grottoes. On the return to Tórshavn stop at the Viking settlements in Kvívík.

Adult: DKK 795,00  /   Child: DKK 395,00



 Faroe Islands

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 Faroe Islands

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