The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are 18 islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, south of Iceland and north of Scotland.

The first known settlers are believed to be from the sixth century or even before, these were Irish monks who sought tranquillity. The Vikings arrived from Norway in the ninth century.


Since 1948, the Faroe Islands have been a self-governing body under the external sovereignty of Denmark. The Faroe Islands is not a member of the European Union.


Inhabitants in the Faroes are 50,000 with approx. 20,000 in the Capital Tórshavn and the rest is spread over the other 17 inhibited islands. These islands are connected by excellent infrastructure linked together by excellent road and tunnel network. Ferry’s and public busses is an easy way to travel on these short distances. See bus and ferry schedules



Kovalág 6  · FO-100 Tórshavn  ·  Faroe Island

Phone: +298 21 91 41

Kovalág 6  ·  FO-100  Tórshavn  Faroe Island

Phone: +298 21 91 41