Akureyri Express Whales & Eyjafjord

Tour details

Departures:    8:00 / 10:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 20:00 /

Duration:    2:00 hours

Hot tip:    Dress warmly and don't be shy to also put on our warm overalls!

What’s included?

Excellent guidance / Overalls / Neoprene gloves /     Goggles /  Life vests and necessary safety equipment




Adults: 89,79 EUR / Children (10-15 years): 89,79 EUR

A 2 Hour whale & bird watching tour starting from the floating pier in Akureyri.


Experience and get close to the incredible humpback whales of the Eyjafjord, starting from the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri. With only 12 passengers on each boat we can guarantee an adventure of a lifetime on an intimate whale watching tour.


Our specially made RIB boats allow you to get closer to the whales and wildlife than any other boat can offer. The RIBs are fast and small boats that will also get you quicker to the whales and cover a bigger area as we search for the wild life. This means a bigger chance of spotting whales, dolphins and bird life with out disturbing them in their natural habitat.


If you have a passion for nature and love for adventure, this is the tour for you!


NOTE: This tour is not suitable for pregnant women and those with a history of back injuries. Please consult your doctor prior to booking this tour. Passengers need to be 10 years old or at least 145 cm or taller to participate in this tour.


Meet us at the floating pier Oddeyrarbót 2, next to the cultural centre Hof in Akureyri at least 15 min. prior to departure..


Tour area


Our whale watching tours are focused mainly on Eyjafjörður with departure from Akureyri.

Good to know

Sighting success is 99%, however the cetacean abundance is unpredictable and varies with the food availability of our shores.

Most common species are Humpback whales. If no whales or dolphins are seen on your tour we will offer you a complimentary ticket for our classic whale watching tour, valid for two years.

Please make sure to arrive at least 30 min. prior to departure for this tour.


 Faroe Islands

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 Faroe Islands

Phone: +298 21 91 41