Practical Information

Emergency: In case of emergency, dial 112

Language: People in the Faroes talk Faroese, it is an old Nordic language, closest to Icelandic and some dialect in northern Norway.

Luggage: When you travel by air to the Faroes, rules according to the air carriers regarding luggage are:  passengers can bring 23 kilos of luggage and 8 kilos of carry-on luggage. Please see rules and more details at or

Banks: Banks and ATM machines are in all major towns.

Currency: The Faroese currency is the same as the Danish Krona DKK.

Credit cards:  Credit cards are widely accepted by hotels, restaurants, shops and taxis.

Public Bus: Transport and connections - Bus transport to and from the airport. A connecting bus schedule can be seen at The regular buss transport to the airport departs from the bus terminal in Tórshavn. Other airport shuttle services must be order the evening before departure. Check this with the hotel you are staying. Tórshavn is only 45 min. drive from the airport.

Shops and opening hours: Shops are open Monday to Friday from 09 am to 5.30 pm, Friday often longer to 6 or 7 pm, and Saturday most shops close around 1 or 2 pm, the shopping mall in Tórshavn SMS has open to 4 pm on Saturdays.

Infrastructure: The road system in the Faroes is quite good with a 80 km speed limit. The main islands relate to bridges, tunnels and undersea tunnels, other islands are connected by frequent ferry services and helicopter services.

Climate: Due to the Gulf stream, the climate is mild during the summer with an average temperature at 12°C.  The Islands are located at 62 degrees N, this means that we have light evenings and nights. During the wintertime, the average temperature drops to 3-4 °C with long days in the twilight but stunning Aurora Borealis dances in the dark winter sky.

Visitors during the summer are taken aback by the characteristic long days and the light nights. In the middle of the summer the sun hardly sets and the longest day is 19½ hours long. This gives the visitors ample opportunities to enjoy the long and light evenings adding a special feel to the visit to the Faroe Islands.

Another characteristic with the Faroese climate and which really fascinates foreigners is the constantly changing weather. One of the most common feedbacks from tourists is the uniqueness of experiencing all four seasons within the same day.

Clothing:  Wind and rain proof clothing is a good idea, the weather changes frequently, hiking or mountain boots is recommended.

Country telephone code:  +298

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