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Vestmanna Seacliffs Sightseeing in the Faroes

We welcome you to unforgettable adventures on sea in the Faroe Islands

There are many tours to choose from, the most popular however being the boat-tour to the renowned Bird cliffs and Grottos north of Vestmanna, the Vestmannabjørgini. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands.

We take you through narrow sounds, into deep grottoes, carved by the surf through ages, and close to the over 1500 feet high-rise cliffs where thousands of seabirds are nesting.

In the midst of this magnificent North Atlantic nature, man feels indeed very inferior, and you will understand, why Faroese culture is so deeply rooted in respect for the forces of nature! This is a guided tour. All passengers are insured. We advise you to book in advance.

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Go to the day you want and make your booking with us. The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours. We recommend warm clothing.

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