May 10, 2019

The Faroese G! Festival listed as one of ‘Best Festivals in the World for 2019!

G! grabs international attention and gains popularity!

Condé Nast Traveller has included the Faroese G! Festival on its list of ‘Best Festivals in the World for 2019’. Citing artists’ ‘unenviable task of competing with the scenery for attention’, the renowned publication encourages people to check out the three-day summer music event in July.

An increase in international coverage in recent years has been followed by a rise in the festival’s popularity among foreign guests. Last year, the festival almost doubled its tickets sales to international guests.

With rising Scottish sensation Lewis Capaldi and legendary DJ Fatboy Slim headlining this year’s G!, the festival hopes to hit all the right notes and outsell last year’s international ticket sales.

G! Festival’s booking and creative director, Fred Ruddick, is pleased with the interest from abroad.

“We work very hard to create an event that relates and appeals to both the Faroe Islands and people from beyond our shores, and bring it together in a beautiful way,” says Fred. “Internationally, this has been helped by the recognition and press we receive from the many world-class media outlets.”

Press coverage, like Condé Nast’s recent article, has played an important role in establishing the G! Festival as the country’s leading international music festival and in attracting names such as Lewis Capaldi and Fat Boy Slim.

“It is equally exciting to share the Faroe Islands with these acts, as it is to share these acts with the Faroe Islands,” Fred says. “We work very hard to achieve what might appear on paper an impossible festival to create. To bring world-class artists to such an extreme location is a blessing and challenge in equal measure. Continued love and support from our audience, artists and all our partners make this possible.”

The G! Festival, which started in 2002, is held annually for three days in mid-July and attracts around 6,000 festivalgoers; approximately 15% are foreign guests. The main stage is built on a beach in the ancient fishing village of Syðrugøta that has a population of 300 and is surrounded by mountains.
As Fred puts it, “There really is nothing quite like it.”

This year’s festival is held from 11-13 July. Visit G! Festival for more information and to book tickets.


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